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Various Reminiscences
On a certain day during the latter part of January, Kusanagi Godou made a
visit to Area 3 in the Chiyoda ward.
His destination was the Sayanomiya residence. This mansion, belonging to
the Sayanomiya family, was also an important facility for the History
Compilation Committee. However, its master was not at home today.
Instead, Godou and two members of his circle were currently in the
mansion's study.
"Are you heading back already, Seishuuin?"
"Yeah. It's not good to be away from home for too long. It's better to show
up at school once in a while."
"Rather than 'once in a while,' school is a place where you should be going
every day."
Amakasu shrugged in response to Seishuuin Ena's cheerful answer.
The premier Hime-Miko's life was normally supposed to be centered
around Saitama prefecture's Chichibu city. After visiting Okutama for
certain reasons yesterday, she had spent the night in Tokyo and was
about to return home. As a special agent of the History Compilation
Committee, Amakasu Touma was responsible for driving her back.
Godou intended to have a casual chat before she went home, but her
exchange with Amakasu prompted him to think of something by chance.
"Perhaps it's something that only occurred to me now, can I ask a
question? What high school do you go to in the first place, Seishuuin?"
Seishuuin Ena was always wearing an unknown uniform. Godou had
heard that it was her high school's uniform.
However, Ena regularly left civilization because she needed to purify her
body and mind frequently, deep in the mountains. Naturally, she was
unable to attend school every day.
This was basically the "I'll go to school whenever I have time" kind of
attitude that high school students should not have.
Godou had heard that the school pursued a policy of tolerance towards
this type of outrageous attendance in fear of the overwhelming influence
wielded by the Seishuuin family.
Ena's family was a prestigious house in the Japanese wizardry circles, a
family with a military tradition that counted generals from the Warring
States era among their ancestors.
The bright and cheerful Hime-Miko was actually a highly sheltered
"ultimate Yamato Nadeshiko."
"It's a very small school in the mountains of Gunma. Chichibu... is located
inside the boundaries of Saitama prefecture. Even if you drove at full
speed, it takes about an hour to reach the nearest city."
"So students really are able to attend school properly in that kind of place."
Godou asked Ena another question while she giggled.
"I suppose there won't be transportation like trains of course. Are there any
school buses there?"
"No, none of that at all. People from town basically get to school by walking
or biking. Those who had enough of that would move into the dorms in the
mountains. But Ena was basically driven by car most of the time."
"Well, the majority of students do choose to live in the dorms..."
Amakasu muttered with a slightly bitter expression.
"Although called a nearby 'town,' it's basically just a rural town deep in the
mountains after all. It doesn't even have a convenience store."
"Apart from the small grocery store Grandma runs, there are no other
"Sealing high school students away deep in the mountains for three years,
right when they're easily drawn to having fun, this is all done to isolate
them from all entertainment so that they may focus on their studies. That
school is literally like a tiger's den."
"Ahaha. Speaking of which, Amakasu-san also graduated from that type of
school, right?"
Godou was quite surprised by this unexpected piece of new information.
"Amakasu-san, you also studied in that crazy kind of deep mountain school
"Yeah. It was a private school funded by the History Compilation
Committee. The school was established to accept members of the
Seishuuin, Sayanomiya, Renjou and Kuhoudzuka families or young adults
with certain magical or martial arts abilities, allowing them to become
agents or staff of the Committee after they graduate."
"Basically, it's similar to Railway High or the National Defense Academy of
"Something like that. However, the school's actual situation is more like..."
In stark contrast to Ena's happy smiling, Amakasu was still making a bitter
"Heard of the Nakano School?"
"I think it's a school that was used specially during the war to train spies,
"I guess I don't need to ask that it's no Shaolin Temple?"
"Of course."
"What about Mount Kouya?"
"That just reminds me of stuff that appears in manga. I don't know the
details very much."
"Oh well, roughly one third of that area consists of similar educational
Amakasu's explanation seemed to make sense but was still
"Because it's basically a place used for training subordinates for related
organizations, the tradition was that only the Four Families and various
Hime-Miko would enroll. But nowadays, it's completely different."
"Ahaha, well, about that."
Despite the subtly critical gaze coming from the special agent who called
himself a subordinate, Ena continued to speak cheerfully, completely
"The various Hime-Miko study in so-called 'prestigious' schools so it's quite
difficult to request that they adjust attendance requirements. But over in
the mountains, it's much less troublesome, all it takes is for Grandma to
ask for a favor."
"As an upper-class daughter, why don't you just attend Lilian Girls'
Academy properly?"
Amakasu groaned mournfully as a low-ranked member of the organization.
As usual, Ena ignored these words and changed the subject by going "Oh
right, by the way."
"Speaking of attendance, you haven't shown up at the Swordfighting
Association lately, Amakasu-san? The guys over there said so, asking Ena
to drag you there by force this time."
"Th-Those are quite some sudden and outrageous words."
"Swordfighting Association?"
"It's an association devoted to martial arts training for History Compilation
Committee members in the capital region as well as officers in the police
and JSDF who have contact with 'that area.' It's like club activities or
something. Ena always makes sure to attend when visiting Tokyo every
Ena explained to Godou who was puzzled by an unfamiliar term.
'That area' meant people who frequently dealt with things like wizardry and
"Please don't talk about that kind of dangerous gathering as you would
describe a dessert club, okay?"
Amakasu sighed while grumbling.
"That gathering takes place in a training hall with bamboo swords that are
decorated super fashionably with pitch black tips. That threshold is really
too high for a weak and cultured man like me."
"Why is it pitch black?"
"The front of that type of bamboo sword is equipped with a 'blade' made
from hard sharkskin. If you get hit by a thrust, that thing stabs right into the
"...Bamboo sword?"
"Yes. Despite being a bamboo sword, it can pierce the human body. The
pitch black color are the stains left behind from dried blood."
"...So they don't wear stuff like protective gear?"
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