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Samsung F3 and F3EG Firmware Patch/Update
This patch code is released in order to solve the compatibilty problem between some motherboards (the AMD SB850 chipset and the Intel P67/H67 chipset) and Samsung-brand hard drives, F3 and F3EG models only.
This is relevant for Samsung-model internal drives with the following model numbers:
F3.exe - HD323HJ / HD502HJ / HD503HI / HD103SJ / HD105SI
Download the F3.exe patch file here.
F3EG.exe - HD153WI / HD203WI
Download the F3EG.exe patch file here.
Follow this procedure to install the patch.

    Please download the file.
    Save the .exe file to a bootable media, like a CD/DVD, a USB drive, or a floppy diskette.
    Do not remove the bootable media once the file is copied to it.
    Shut down the computer.
    Connect the drive to the primary master position in the computer.
    Boot your computer from the bootable media, which will launch the firmware flash program.
    Run the .exe file.
    When the system displays that the firmware flash has successfully completed, remove the bootable media.
    Shut down the computer.

a Do not reboot (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) your computer or push the reset button during the firmware patching/flashing process.
Doing so can cause the process to fail and can in some cases destroy the hard drive.
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