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Practical Wireless August 2018
Volume 94
Number 8
Issue 1335
On Sale
re ects on this year’s Dayton and
Friedrichshafen shows and picks up
on one of the topics in
Roger Cooke
Morse Mode
monthly roundup of news from the
UK and internationally, including new
products, club news and recent events.
Your guide to taking out a regular
subscription to
40 HF Highlights
HF specialist
Steve Telenius-Lowe
recommends the IOTA Contest,
enjoyed his visit to Ham Radio at
Friedrichshafen and deals with his usual
extensive postbag.
Mike Richards G4WNC
shows how
three single-board computers can be
pressed into data modes service.
Gary Andrews M0CWY
describes a
simple-to-build transmitter, the Bumpy
Your one-stop shop for hobby-related
titles, biographies, reference titles,
historical accounts, technical advice and
successful building projects.
editor reports on some of
the highlights of two of this year’s
principal amateur radio shows, the
Dayton Hamvention and Ham Radio in
44 Data Modes
64 In Focus – GB1NHS
11 Subscriptions
48 Carrying on the Practical Way
12 Review – the Xiegu X5105
QRP Transceiver
We have more on GB1NHS (reported in
last month’s
pages), by way of an
interview with the man who helped to
make it happen,
Paul Devlin G1SMP.
Roger Cooke G3LDI
returns to the topic
of poor Morse and whether operators
nowadays are actually capable of
holding a ‘real’ QSO in the mode.
Lee Aldridge G4EJB
shows off
his creativity by building a working
shortwave receiver from relics in his
Locate a rally or event near you; we have
our usual comprehensive list.
We have reader feedback on several
recent articles, including SDR, Network
Radio, mini DXpeditions and more.
66 The Morse Mode
Carl Gorse 2E0HPI
looks at an
increasingly popular QRP HF transceiver
from one of the newly emerging Chinese
50 Radio Bookstore
15 Feature − A Brief History of
Software Defined Radio
68 Starting Over
SDR has come a long way in a short
Steve Ireland VK6VZ/G3ZZD
relates how it became a mainstream
technology in amateur radio.
Colin Redwood G6MXL
looks at some
of the things to consider if you are
planning to buy older amateur radio
Tony Jones G7ETW
covers the
techniques of speech tailoring and
Tim Kirby G4VXE
reports on recent
Sporadic E and other VHF news but
starts with news of new channels being
used to accommodate the explosion in
DX chasing on FT8.
52 Dayton and Friedrichshafen 2018
69 Rallies
24 What Next
56 Valve and Vintage
70 Readers’ Letters
28 Technical for the Terrified
Bernard Nock G4BXD
discovers some
dirty power supplies and acquires some
more WWII sets.
Harry Leeming G3LLL
intermittent faults, the price of gear and
other topics that take his fancy.
Richard Constantine G3UGF
his rst ever visit to the Dayton
59 In the Shop
72 Classified Adverts
73 Bargain Basement
34 The World of VHF
62 Dayton or Bust
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August 2018
Practical Wireless
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