Newsletter Exclusives_ Volume I - Nalini Singh.pdf

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Table of Contents
Author's Note
Star Kissed
Guild Hunter Series
A Small Fairy Tale
One Night In The Refuge
Weapons Training
Knives and Sheaths
Zoe’s Workshop
A Sip of Eternity
Fairy Balloons
A Walk on the Cliffs
An Unexpected Guest
Psy-Changeling Series
The Cannibal Princess
Wild Night
Clean and Dirty
Poker Night
A Conversation
Stalking Hawke
A Gift for Kit
Hide and Seek
The Song of the Wolf
Making Dinner
Sunday Morning
Wolf School
New Y
ear's Kisses
Naya's Most Important Visitors
Grocery Shopping
Romancing Drew
Housewarming at the Orchard
Christmas in the Kitchen
Movie Night
Dancing with Cooper
Rock Kiss Series
Music Awards
David’s Memo to Thea
Thea’s Reply
With This Memo
Author’s Note
I hope you enjoy this collection! It’s
been created over several years, mostly
via the free short stories I write for my
newsletter subscribers (you are
awesome!). I’m calling it V
olume I
because I hope to gather enough material
for another volume in a few years time.
If you’ve never read my books, a
number of these short stories and
vignettes do stand alone and will give
you a taste of my worlds.
For the most part, these are slices of
life that show us glimpses of the
characters and worlds away from the
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