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Cougar Christmas
Evangeline Anderson
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Cougar Christmas
Copyright © November 2016 by Evangeline Anderson
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Excerpt – Uncharted
Excerpt – Big Package
Excerpt – A Manhattanite’s Christmas
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About The Author
Chapter One
Drew Jameson couldn’t believe his eyes.
Genevieve Wells, the most feared and hated woman in the entire company—who also happened to
be his boss—was crying.
She wasn’t just wet around the eyes with a few ladylike tears rolling down her cheeks, either. She
was genuinely crying—almost sobbing—her slender shoulders shaking and her face buried in her
hands as she sat behind the large, glass and brushed stainless steel power desk she’d been given as
part of her last promotion.
He’d only meant to come up and grab a file he’d forgotten. One of the questionable perks of
having to take personal time to attend a company party after hours was that he didn’t have to make a
thirty minute drive to get the forgotten file—he was already here. Eight o’clock on a Friday night and
he was at the office with no date and nothing but work on his mind.
Nothing until he’d seen his boss crying that was. And though he had the manila envelope he’d
come up to his office for clutched in his hand, Drew found himself rooted to the spot.
I should go, he thought, not moving an inch. But what the hell could make a woman like Genevieve
It was that question more than anything else that kept him where he was. He’d been working under
Genevieve Wells for the past three years, bucking for a well-deserved promotion and putting up with
all her crap to become what he wanted to be—a senior marketing executive for Spiritual Soul Mates,
the company they both worked for.
In those three years he’d seen her deal with difficult clients, handle Stuart Solomon, the CEO and
founder of the company, and fire countless fellow employees who weren’t up to the Spiritual Soul
Mates standards. But never once, no matter how thorny, complex, or stressful the situation, had he
even seen her break a sweat—let alone bawl her eyes out.
"The Ice Queen," the other employees—especially the ones unlucky enough to report to her
directly—called her. "The Dragon Lady" and "that Frigid Bitch" were also popular nicknames.
Genevieve had been called everything under the sun but no one had ever accused her of being too
emotional. She had an icy veneer of calm that never cracked, no matter how intense the pressure. It
was probably this quality that had allowed her to become head of marketing and promotion.
She was now thirty-seven and had held the position with no difficulty for years. Drew himself was
twenty-six and had witnessed her meteoric rise first hand—the last part of it, at least. She was
absolutely ruthless but she got results like no one else, which was probably why Stuart Solomon
called her “my right hand man” with no irony whatsoever.
Yet here she was. The Ice Queen. The Frigid Bitch. Here she was sitting alone at her big, expensive
desk and crying.
Leave. Just leave now. You’ll be a hell of a lot better off if she doesn’t know you saw.
It was the voice of reason and Drew knew it. Yet he couldn’t help himself—he was curious.
Knowing it was going to get him in trouble but unable to stop, he stepped into her plush corner office
and knocked lightly on the open door.
For a brief moment he thought Genevieve was so lost in misery that she didn’t hear him. He was
on the verge of clearing his throat when she looked up, her beautiful face a mask of tears. For a
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