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ST/Amiga Format Magazine Issues 1-13 (July 1988 - July 1989)

ST/Amiga Format was published by Future Publishing during the 16-bit
boom of the late nineties. As the name suggests, it covered the Atari ST
and Commodore Amiga micros, both for entertainment and serious use. The
mag only lasted a year before being split into two separate titles, ST
Format and Amiga Format, both of which ran for many years afterwards.

These PDFs are the compiled collections of page scans collected from
various sources. They've been OCR'd to allow text searching and copying
- this should prove very useful for the adventure archivist who'd like
to have their own local searchable archive. They look great on most PDF
readers, including most capable mobile devices.

Compared to some magazines of the era, Future Publishing's titles were
relatively restrained in their use of mad fonts and random blocks of
colour, so the OCR accuracy isn't too bad. However, as always, this is a
"best effort" - don't expect perfection and you won't be disappointed :)

More OCR'd scans will be periodically available - please check (or Google RetroPDFs) for more

Thanks to Martijn van der Heide for the wonderful World Of Spectrum site
(, and all the visitors and donators to
RetroPDFs for their support.

90's style "greets" to anyone formally or currently involved in the
Amiga scene, especially Pazza, Mic Flair, Violator, Denzil, Tango, Fat
Will, Torch, mUb and Maximan, and anyone else who read or wrote for LSD
Grapevine. Nostalgia ain't what it used to be ;)

Ken D (Google 'RetroPDFs')
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