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Zero Magazine Issues 00-36 (October 1989 - October 1992)

Zero was a multi-format magazine published by Dennis Publishing,
the main 16-bit computers and consoles of the era. It shared a
common writing
style with it's sister mag, Your Sinclair, and the core
subject often took a back
seat to humour and in-jokes. The magazine was
redesigned in issue 33, before being
finally dropped in issue 36.

These PDFs are the complied collections of page scans available on
public Torrent
trackers. . They've been OCR'd to allow text searching
and copying - this should prove very useful for the retro archivist
who'd like to have their own local searchable archive. They look great
on most PDF readers, including the iPad.

The OCR software has increased the file size slightly, and has struggled
some of the more exotic font and colour combination used,
especially in later

More OCR'd scans will be periodically available - please check for more information.

Thanks to Martijn van der Heide for the wonderful World Of Spectrum site
(, and all the visits to RetroPDFs for their

90's style "greets" to anyone formally or currently involved in the
Amiga scene, especially Pazza, Mic Flair, Violator, Denzil, Tango, Fat
Will, mUb and Maximan, and anyone else who read or wrote for LSD
Grapevine. Nostalgia ain't what it used to be ;)

Ken D

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