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A source book of prayers
for the members of the
Society of the Divine Word
and for their Associates
Revised Edition 2009
SVD Publications
Generalate - Rome
On February 13, 2008, Vademecum SVD 2009 was
approved by the General Council for use within the
Society of the Divine Word.
Antonio M. Pernia, SVD
Superior General
Vademecum SVD 2009 (English) is prepared by:
Ignatius Thottappilly (INC)
Peter McHugh (GER)
Xene Sanchez (CNG)
Thanks to St. Pauls Publications, Mumbai for
permission to print the text of the five poems by
Rabindranath Tagore.
Layout & Distribution:
Sebastian Mattappallil
Printed by GESP Italia,
Città di Castello (PG),
January, 2009
Editorial Note
‘Vademecum’ is the Latin for ‘walk with me.’ The
original name of the book is kept. The contents are
revised and updated and follow a new order. The
prayers are arranged in four Parts, according to
content. The prayers specific to our spiritual heritage
are given the first slot. Part Five offers some
inspirational texts about our missionary spirituality.
Prayer leaders may select appropriate prayers for
each occasion from the many collections given in the
The numbering of the prayers is similar to the system
followed in the SVD Constitutions. There are 186
items of prayer in the book. As the prayers are
gathered from various sources, different translations
of the Bible texts may be noticed.
A. = All; App. = Appendix; C. = Celebrant; C/L. =
Celebrant or Leader; L. = Leader; N. = Name; pn.=
Prayer number; R. = Reader; R/ = Response/Refrain;
** = Composed by St. Arnold Janssen; * = Based on a
prayer by St. Arnold Janssen.
- Editors
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