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Brides of the Kindred
Book 6: Pursued
Evangeline Anderson
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Brides of the Kindred
Book 6: Pursued
Copyright © 2012 by Evangeline Anderson
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This book is dedicated to Barb Rice:
Thanks for being a great friend and helping me through my editing crisis!
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Hugs, E.
Author’s Note #1—Though
I have tried to handle the subject sensitively, parts of this book may
be disturbing to anyone who has experienced sexual abuse in the past.
Author’s Note #2—I've
been threatening to write a YA book for ages and I finally have one
almost ready to go. It's called
The Academy
and you can find a blurb and excerpt at the end of this
book, after the epilogue. I am going to be writing my YA books under the name Emmaline Andrews,
to avoid leading underage readers to my erotica books. Getting a new pen name off the ground always
takes some work so I will be handing out free review copies to those who are willing to read and
review for me when the book comes out. Look me up on FaceBook
and friend me or just drop me a line when the
book comes out.
For those of you who just want more Kindred, never fear, book 7,
will be coming out in
Fall of 2012.
Author’s Note #3—
No piracy, please guys. I make my living off these books and I keep the
prices reasonable so you can afford to buy them rather than stealing them. If you keep buying, I can
afford to keep writing and we're all happy campers. Thank you.
Author’s Note #4—You’ve
probably already figured this out but this is the sixth book in the
Brides of the Kindred series. Since it takes up directly where book 5,
left off, I recommend
that you read
Claimed, Hunted, Sought, Found,
and Revealed before attempting to dive into
Author’s Note #5—Last
but not least, (yeah, I know I'm wordy this time around) I just want to
say that after hearing many complaints about my website, I am getting it completely updated and
made-over. Crocodesigns is going to be doing the work and it should be ready in August. I'm going to
have some new free reads and some cool new pages so if you think about it, come check me out at
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anything to cool you down... ; )
Hugs and Happy Reading to you all!
Evangeline Anderson
Chapter One
Elise felt like her stomach had dropped right out of her body. “James. Oh my God,
could I forget?”
“So this is
Merrick demanded. “You have a fiancé? You were calling out for someone
named Buck, but I thought—”
“No, no.” Elise shook her head impatiently. “Buck was a dog I owned when I was a kid. He had
one blue eye and one…” She looked up at Merrick’s mismatched eyes and bit her lip. “And one gold,”
she finished in a small voice.
His eyes, one bright blue and one deep gold, narrowed and he stood suddenly, spilling her out of
his lap. “A dog? As in, a fucking
Elise stumbled but he didn’t catch her. She grabbed the rail of the bed and tried to steady herself.
“Please, you don’t understand.”
“No, I fucking don’t,” Merrick snarled. “Just a minute ago you were all over me, begging me not
to leave you, and now it turns out you have a Goddess-damned
Elise cried. “I don’t know how I could—we’ve been engaged for well over a year. But
somehow I completely forgot him! I swear, it’s true, Merrick.”
“Sure it is.” He ran a hand over his skull-cut hair. “Gods. I’m an
Thinking a female like
could care for someone like
care,” Elise protested. “I swear I do.”
“Right.” He nodded shortly, his face suddenly impassive. “In that case, let’s go meet this James
of yours. I want to see what kind of male is so forgettable you can be engaged to him for over a year
and not even remember him.”
He grabbed Elise’s arm and dragged her toward the door. Suddenly the blonde nurse, Olivia, was
in the way.
“I don’t think so, Merrick,” she said, frowning up at him. “She’s my patient, and you’re
to hurt her, no matter how angry you are.”
“Hurt her? You think I’m going to
her?” Merrick dropped Elise’s arm suddenly. “Don’t
worry about that,” he snarled. “I’m not a fucking beater. I just want to meet her male—that’s all.”
“I’ll come with you, just in case.” Olivia took Elise’s arm and led the way. “Come on, maybe it’s
all just a mistake.”
“It’s no mistake,” Elise said miserably. “We’re engaged, all right. I just…I don’t understand how
I could have forgotten.” The truth was, all she had been able to think about was Merrick. Somehow the
huge Kindred had driven everything else out of her mind. But a quick look over her shoulder at his
scarred, scowling face told her he wouldn’t want to hear that.
He thinks I’m lying,
she thought, feeling
He thinks I was leading him on all this time—and I don’t blame him! How could I be so stupid?
What’s wrong with me?
“You’ve been through a lot, hon.” Olivia put an arm around her shoulder and squeezed
comfortingly. “It’s no wonder a few things slipped your mind.” She shot a glare at Merrick who
returned it with interest.
“Being promised to another male for over a year is a pretty fucking big thing to slip your mind,”
he growled.
They were coming to the end of a long hallway and Olivia turned and pointed a finger at him.
“We’re almost here, so keep a civil tongue in your head, Merrick. You need to remember that
was the one who was kidnapped and…and hurt. She’s been through a lot of trauma, and I don’t need
you adding to it. Am I making myself perfectly clear?”
His eyes narrowed and he loomed over her. “You’re very fucking lucky you’re female, you know
Olivia drew herself up. “Are you threatening me?”
“No,” he said shortly. “I’m saying
shouldn’t be threatening
You don’t have to tell me
what Elise went through. I found her, remember? I saw the bruises and cuts that sick bastard left on
her skin. I know what he—”
“Please!” Elise burst out. Her heart was racing and her palms were damp.
The vault,
she thought
Keep it in the vault.
If she let the memory of what had happened on the Fathership come back,
she was sure other—worse—memories would follow.
“Elise?” Olivia frowned. “You’re white as a sheet, honey.”
“I just can’t…” Elise took a deep breath, trying to calm herself. “I have to go in there and talk to
James,” she said at last. “And I can’t do it with you two fighting like this.”
“Fine.” Merrick crossed his arms over his chest. “I won’t say a fucking word.”
“That’s more like it.” Olivia nodded approvingly and put her arm around Elise again. “Come on,
sweetie, let’s go. You’re going to be fine.”
Feeling like her feet were made of lead, Elise forced herself to go into the viewing room. It was
fairly large and one whole wall was dominated by a massive viewscreen. But the face on the screen
wasn’t James’—it was Pamela, his blonde, curvaceous secretary.
“Pam?” she asked weakly.
“Oh, hello, Elise.” Pam gave her a smile that didn’t quite reach her wide blue eyes. She smoothed
the tight-fitting pink cashmere sweater she was wearing down over her ample D-cup breasts and her
eyes flicked over Elise disapprovingly. “You look…nice.”
Elise was suddenly aware that she was still wearing the too-loose crimson hospital johnny and
her hair was a frowzy mess. “Where’s James?” she asked, trying to sound confident. “I was told that
he called me.”
“Working, of course. You can’t expect him to make his own calls—he’s a busy boy, you know.”
Pamela laughed coyly, that bubbling, Marilyn Monroe giggle that never failed to get on Elise’s last
nerve. “If you’ll hold for just a minute, I’ll go get him.”
“Oh, okay,” Elise said belatedly but the screen had already gone blank.
She stood there waiting in front of the dark viewscreen, feeling like an idiot. She didn’t usually
let Pamela bother her but then again, most of the time when she called James, she was dressed in
courtroom attire with her hair in a neat and tidy bun. She started to smooth down the cloudy black
mass around her head but stopped abruptly when she saw Merrick glaring at her.
Before either of them could say anything, the screen winked into life again and the face of her
fiancée was suddenly staring back at her. Looking at his clean cut, handsome face and dark blue eyes,
Elise wondered how she could have ever forgotten him. As usual, he was wearing a hand-tailored suit
that cost more than most cars and an elegant silk tie the color of dried blood. The color set off his
tanned skin perfectly, and when he smiled, his teeth were toothpaste-commercial white. Elise could
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