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Italy, somewhere.
The youth was visiting the vineyard of a particular farm in a remote area of Italy. While
walking forwards, the youth — Holy Spear wielder Cao Cao, entered the view of an old
man who was working on the farm. The old man’s farm clothes and straw hat suited him
very well, and he also had an impressive build. At first glance from afar, one would think
that the old man had previously served in the military or had some kind of athletic training.
However, this old man wasn’t just any ordinary kind. Although the old man had detected
Cao Cao’s presence a while ago, he opened his mouth to speak without even looking in
his direction.
“Holy relic, this is the first time I’ve encountered such an aura.”
The old man wore a gentle smile on his wrinkled face.
Holy Spear wielder, welcome to this farm.”
The old man wearing a hat greeted him — no, it should be the Vatican’s Cardinal Priest
Vasco Strada. Just the other day, he was a major person of the Church who led many of
the rebellious Church warriors. Defeated in battle against the anti-terrorist group [DxD], he
accepted the judgement of Heaven without any resistance. Having reported everything
without a lie to Heaven, this old Cardinal was now held in this farm. There was even a
strong barrier which had been erected around a radius of several kilometres of the farm. It
would not be an easy nor simple task to escape; this was a so-called prison barrier. For
God, and for the faith that he devoted most of his life to; in his attempt to realise the
feelings of the Church warriors, the former wielder of Durandal was stripped of his position,
and confined within what could be called a rather relaxed prison. Indeed guilty, judging
from the scale of the incident which he brought on, not only should he have been stripped
of his position, it was also possible that he would have had to use his life as punishment for
his crimes. —However, considering his past achievements, beliefs, and the pleas of many
of the Church’s warriors, he was eventually sent to this farm.
“This is the land where I originally grew up. Sometimes, I used to come here to plant
trees…it looks like I’ll have to earnestly work hard here in the future.”
Strada said as he stroked the bark of a tree.
“This is the first time we’ve met, Your Eminence. I’m Indra’s vanguard.”
The wielder of the Holy Spear introduced himself and Strada then spoke while he used a
towel to wipe the sweat off his face.
“I see, a Pagan God
wants to ask this old man something, isn’t that right?”
The old Cardinal thought that Cao Cao’s visit was because Indra had a message for him.
But, Cao Cao shook his head.
“No, you don’t seem to think that I can also come to visit solely on a personal basis.”
Hearing Cao Cao’s words, Strada laughed with fascination.
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