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Chapter 190
The Palace Gate, Alarming Change, Enemy Shadows Appear
Dugu Bo’s words shocked everyone in the small office, excluding Xiao Wu.
Emperor Xue Ye was not going to make it? At this moment, the uneasiness in Tang San’s heart finally
found its reason, he had finally understood why there was the feeling of an emergency in his heart. It
was the atmosphere, those soldiers he met in Heaven Dou City were exuding an austere aura.
Being the emperor of one of the two great nations, if emperor Xue Ye were to pass away, then the all
the Continent would undergo earthshaking amounts of change. This would also affect the secret
coalition the Heaven Dou Empire and the Star Luo Empire with each other. And the one who would
benefit from this the most was without a doubt Spirit Hall. If in such a crucial moment, the emperor of
Heaven Dou Empire were to pass, the empire would fall into a power struggle and no doubt their
efforts mounted against Spirit Hall with great difficulty would come to a standstill.
However, although a sense of danger abruptly emerged in Tang San’s heart, it too quickly subsided as
he calmed down, “Old freak, what on earth is going on? Didn’t you previously tell me the poison
within emperor Xue Ye has been successfully controlled already?”
Dugu Bo bitterly laughed: “The poison at that time was indeed successfully controlled by me. I used
the poison of the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor to try to counter poison with poison, by allowing the
two poisons to neutralise each other then to use medicine to slowly deal with the lingering poison and
side effects. But who would have known, the emperor whose condition had already stabilized, a month
ago suddenly had a relapse, what’s more the reaction this time was much more violent. I carefully
examined his blood, before I found out that the poison in his blood was constantly evolving and it was
evolving at a very fast pace. Although I could use my Phosphorus Emperor Snake’s poison to counter
the poison within his body, but after each time I had neutralised the poison, before too long a new kind
of poison would appear. Each time the poison would become even stronger, I have already calculated,
after the seventh time I use this method to neutralize the poison in emperor Xue Ye’s body, the poison
will once again relapse and it would take his life, with no chance to rescue him then. That is why,
unless there is no other way left I don’t even dare to try this method anymore.”
Dazzling brilliance burst out of Tang San’s eyes, “Then how many times have you used this method?”
With a solemn look, Dugu Bo said, “I have used it six times. I only use it when his body can no longer
take the effects of the poison, but each time the time between the relapses also shortens.”
Tang San took a deep breath. “If I guess correctly. The poison Emperor Xue Ye is afflicted with is not a
simple concocted poison, but a complex poison concocted by mixing many poisons. Such a poison
would have an extremely potent effect with a myriad of symptoms, you can even say, everyone who
knew how to mix poisons will also end up with different poisons. And amongst them, this kind of
multi-poison mix is the hardest to deal with. If we want to purge this poison then we first need to find
the source. The multi-poison mix is especially hard to identify, and if we cannot find it then we will not
be able to find a remedy nor will we be able to treat it. This time there really is huge trouble.”
Dugu Bo anxiously said: “Enough, enough of this chit-chat, hurry and come with me to the Heaven
Dou imperial palace. If even you don’t have a solution, then there will be a revolution in Heaven Dou
Tang San as if suddenly remembering something said: “Hold on a moment, let us go pick someone up
and bring him along with us. To identify a multi-poison mix, the more people we have the better.”
Dugu Bo was slightly shocked when he said: “What? You still know someone who is good with
Tang San said: “Let’s go, I’ll explain on the way. Grandmaster, dean Flender, we shall take our leave
first. Fatty you wait here for Rongrong and Oscar. If a revolution really occurs here in Heaven Dou
Empire, then our plans would also have to change.”
Tang San brought Xiao Wu and Dugu Bo away from the Shrek Academy together. On the way back to
the Tang Sect, Tang San told Dugu Bo about his establishment of the Tang Sect in brief. And the person
he was going to find was without a doubt, the leader of the breaking clan, Yang Wudi. Although Tang
San had not had have the chance to study things regarding herbs with this medicine master, since Yang
Wudi was able to identify the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure and the Yearning Heartbroken
Red these two divine herbs, Tang San could tell that in the field of medicine, Yang Wudi was actually
superior to the Poison Douluo, and perhaps even not inferior to himself.
Although Dugu Bo was the poison Douluo, most of his poison originated from his Spirit, and not from
his understanding of medicine like Tang San and Yang Wudi.
As time was of the essence and Ning Rongrong was not around. The three of them after returning to the
Tang Sect, had no choice but to bring Xiao Wu along as well to the royal chambers. By his side was a
Title Douluo, thus Tang San did not have to worry about the safety of Xiao Wu. Even if anything
happened in the royal chambers, given the strength of the three of them, protecting Xiao Wu was no
Dugu Bo and Yang Wudi had never met before. At first Dugu Bo even had some contempt towards
Yang Wudi, but on the way to the royal chambers, while he was explaining the symptoms on emperor
Xue Ye, Yang Wudi raised many valuable points which made him no longer dare to look down on the
Tang Sect Medicine Hall master.
As the Heaven Dou imperial palace came within sight, Dugu Bo told Tang San: “Little San, regardless
of how things turn out this time, you can consider me a part of your Tang Sect, the position of your
sect’s Medicine Hall master is not of interest to me, but I ought to qualify as a sect elder right?”
Tang San laughingly replied: “Of course you do. How can i possibly stop you? But, aren’t you the kind
that likes to be free and unwilling to join any sect?”
Dugu Bo snorted. “Is this Tang Sect not yours? Could it be that you are still biased against me?”
Speaking up to here, he lightly sighed, “It is true that i like to be free, but that is a matter of the past, I
am already getting old. Wanting to enter back into the Spirit Hall is also pretty much impossible at this
point. I’ll use your Tang Sect for my retirement. Anyway, it’s fine as long as you see to my food and
drink. Call me if there’s any excitement like fighting and killing.”
Yang Wudi who was travelling with them had his usual cold look, but inwardly he was shocked, from
the names that Tang San and Dugu Bo used to address each other, he could tell that their relationship
was not simple. As a Title Douluo, Dugu Bo was speaking to Tang San as an equal and without the
slightest bit of hypocrisy and surprisingly straight forward. For Yang Wudi, during his whole life, other
than training, he would research medicines, and as such naturally heard about the great fame of the
Poison Douluo. His original impression of Dugu Bo was that of a Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor, an
extremely venomous snake. But from today’s observation, he did not even give off the slightest cold
How could Yang Wudi know that his original impression of Dugu Bo is not wrong, but it was just that
when Dugu Bo was with Tang San his character would greatly change. In these many years, it could be
said that Tang San was his only friend, that's right, a friend that he could confide in and not a junior.
Tang San smilingly said: “You didn’t have to put it so bleakly, as long as you are willing, I can take
care of you.” He didn’t say that Tang Sect would take care of Dugu Bo’s retirement as, after all, the
Tang Sect belonged to him.
Dugu Bo laughed to cover up his emotions, but Yang Wudi quietly observing by the side could still see
the gratitude deep in his eyes.
Upon entering the palace, with Dugu Bo’s presence, the four of them did not face any resistance. Dugu
Bo was a distinguished guest of the Heaven Dou imperial family, and had great authority here. He
brought the trio to the chambers of emperor Xue Ye. Only upon reaching here were they stopped.
Soldiers clad in black armour and wielding spears stood in everyone's way.
Dugu Bo took out his special golden VIP token, “Move aside, we have urgent matters to attend to with
his majesty.”
The soldier captain coldly said: “The emperor is resting. Under the crown prince’s orders, none is
allowed to enter. Anyone who disobeys will be killed without pardon.”
Dugu Bo froze for a moment, “Do you not see what is written on this golden tablet?” Written on the
tablet were the two words, honorable guest . Representing that the holder was akin to Emperor Xue
Ye’s personal guest.
The soldier captain’s looked like he was deeply contemplating yet did not show any signs of standing
Tang San lips moved, directing his voice towards Dugu Bo, asking: “Have you seen these soldiers
Dugu Bo shook his head, “All of them are unfamiliar.”
Tang San heart trembled, “I fear things are taking a turn for the worst. If my judgement is correct,
emperor Xue Ye was poisoned by Xue Qinghe, he probably got wind of you coming to find me, after
al,l Xue Qinghe is Uncle Ning’s disciple so he probably knows that I am good with poison. He
definitely wants to avoid having the two of us treat emperor Xue Ye’s poison together.”
Dugu Bo frowned, “That can’t be right can it? After all, he is still Xue Ye’s son.”
Tang San coldly laughed, “If he still remembers emperor Xue Ye as his own father, then he would not
have done this. Regardless of whether our guess is right or wrong, let’s first save emperor Xue Ye, if
not, then our guess would not matter anyway.”
Dugu Bo somewhat taken aback, “You mean to?”
Tang San’s face revealed a hint of a smile, without answering Dugu Bo, he walked forward,
withdrawing a golden tablet from his twenty-four moonlight bridges “Senior Dugu Bo’s tablet was not
enough for us to enter, but what about this tablet of mine?”
The tablet that Tang San took out was the tablet that Xue Qinghe had previously given him, the design
on the tablet was slightly different.
The soldier captain froze for a moment, looking at the golden tablet in Tang San’s hand in shock. When
he had initially received the orders, it was to not allow Dugu Bo into the emperor’s chambers, but now,
the person coming with him was holding onto the crown prince’s golden tablet. Just what was going
Tang San walked a few more steps, speaking in a serious tone: “The situation has changed, the crown
prince changed his mind. Hurry up and let us in.”
These golden tablets were equivalent to their owners orders itself. With Tang San holding the prince’s
golden tablet, although there was doubt in their hearts, the captain did not dare disobey and raised his
hand to indicate to all the soldiers to let them pass.
With this move from the soldiers, Tang San and Dugu Bo’s expression greatly changed, they previously
did not notice, but the spirit fluctuations released by these soldiers shocked them greatly. This was not a
group of Heaven Dou Empire imperial guards, rather this was clearly a squadron comprised of spirit
masters. There was a whole fifty spirit masters here, and from their spirit fluctuations they were all no
less than rank fifty.
Tang San had some regret, he did not regret coming here with Dugu Bo, but rather, he regretted
bringing Xiao Wu along. He could not bear to put Xiao Wu who had regained her human form into the
Wishful Hundred Treasure’s Purse. But if the situation were to worsen, for Xiao Wu’s safety, this was
all he could do.
Dugu Bo never expected that Tang San would be able to pull out such a tablet, but this was not the time
to talk about it, so he and Yang Wudi hurried and followed Tang San to enter the emperor’s chambers.
At this moment, a leisurely and pleasant male voice rang out: “So Tang Yin is actually Tang San, to
think i actually made a mistake when i was at the Moon Pavilion. Brother Tang San, I really never
imagined that your appearance and temperament would change so much.”
“We pay our respects to your highness.” The surrounding soldiers all knelt down uniformly, while Tang
San pulled Xiao Wu and slowly turned around.
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