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the architecture for distributed automation
December 2005
Modbus Device Database
Users Search for Modbus Devices
When Modbus-IDA launched its new website in August
2005, one goal was to make the site easier for users to
navigate. The site is heavily trafficked by both users and
developers, and we wanted to make it easy for visitors to find
what they need. Developers come to the site to participate in
the online discussion forum and download the Modbus
specifications and implementation guides. Users come to the
site with questions about their Modbus applications, queries
about Modbus communications, and to find the right devices
for their projects.
Working with comments from members and site users, we
sought to develop a site to meet better meet people’s needs.
One result has been the growing database of devices now
available on the Modbus-IDA website. Users can visit the
site, click on the Device Directory and select devices to
review using a variety of useful filters.
Devices can be selected by hardware categories (e.g., AC/
DC drive control, controller, HMI hardware, I/O interface,
I/O module, sensor, modem, monitoring hardware, newtwork
gateway (protocol converter), network host adapter, remote
terminal unit, SCADA hardware) or software categories (e.g.,
device drivers, HMI, programming software, SCADA).
Users can choose to view only Modbus-IDA certified
devices or check out the entire selection of products.
We invite all Modbus device manufacturers to list their
devices on the site. As a service provided to users of
Modbus devices, the organization does not require
membership for device listings. However, members are
given preferential placements, and only member
company product announcements and press releases
make it to the front page of the site.
As the database grows, we look forward to adding
features and capabilities to increase the visibility of
Modbus products and help users find what they need
as easily as possible. E-mail us (
with new Modbus products to list, ideas for device
database enhancements, or any other comments you
may have.
The Board and staff of Modbus-IDA wish you a
joyous holiday season and the best for the new year!
News about the World’s Most Popular Industrial Protocol
Organization News • Organization News
Meet Some of Our Members...
Real Time
was started in
1989, and began by focusing on RS232/
RS422/RS485 serial communications.
The company is now heavily involved
in CAN, DeviceNet and SDS. It builds
CAN related PCB boards, OEM
products and board-level industrial I/O
systems. RTA’s goal is to assist its
clients to develop reliable, cost-
effective and marketable products.
The company uses proven project
management systems to assure that
projects meet budgets and schedule and
engineering development techniques
that ensure high-quality, well-tested
products to reduce future support costs.
RTA is composed of two business
segments: connectivity products and
engineered systems.
Based in Portland, Maine,
started out developing a
low-cost alternative to HMI (human
machine interface) packages such as
Wonderware and Intellution. This was
its primary product goal until 1996,
when the company began development
of its OPC and DDE server product.
Initially this communications product
was only a DDE server. While the
company’s original goal was to augment
development of its own HMI product
with OPC server sales, the resulting
KEPServer product line grew to
receive market-wide acceptance as a
best-of-breed product for OPC
communications. Kepware now focuses
all its resources on the development of
its OPC server products. Kepware plans
to continue its focus on the OPC server
market as one of the largest companies
focused on OPC server technology and
communications products.
Since 1986,
Sealevel Systems
manufactured I/O products to serve
its customers serial and digital
interface requirements. The company
currently offers over 200 standard
products backed by a Lifetime
Warranty that is standard with all
Sealevel manufactured I/O products.
As further evidence of the company’s
commitment to customer satisfaction,
Sealevel’s management system
achieved registration to ISO
9001:2000 in 2002 to provide one of
the strongest assurances of product/
service quality available.
Control Solutions, Inc.
has been
developing networked control products
since 1995, specializing in building
automation, facility management, and
commercial automation. The company
offers a line of off-the-shelf embedded
control products with LonWorks,
Modbus, and SNMP connectivity.
Control Solutions also provides custom
programming for standard hardware and
customized hardware solutions. All
Control Solutions products are designed
and made in the USA and manufactured
under ISO-9000:2000. (
see back cover for
Organization News •
Modbus Tour in China
From all accounts, the Modbus China tour was a rousing success – such a success,
in fact, that we are considering sponsoring such a tour again next year. From
October 21 through 28, Modbus device suppliers toured four Chinese cities,
introducing their products to manufacturers, universities, and government officials.
If you are interested in learning more about plans for the next China Modbus
activity, e-mail (
Modbus-IDA at
Hannover Fair
As we plan our exhibition stand for the
upcoming Hannover Fair Show (April
2006), we urge all members to contact
us as soon as possible to reserve space
in one of our two programs:
Show Partner Program
– Exhibit economi-
cally at Hannover Fair in your own
kiosk within the Modbus-IDA stand.
This includes promotion on the
Modbus-IDA website as well as a listing
in the Hannover Fair guide (print and
Show Visibility Program
– Designed to
give an added presence to members
fielding their own booths at the show in
the same or a differnt hall, Show
Visibility participation includes your
own signage in the Modbus-IDA stand
and the opportunity to place your
corporate and product literature in the
stand for distribution during the show.
From left to right: Li Yumin, Ouyang Jinsong, Huang Pingheng, Zhao Jianying, Hua Rong,
Chen Xiaojun, Pietro Mincuzzi, Stephane-Renaud, Victor Chonlane, Jean-Luc Jouas, Dean
R. Gabbert, Pan Na, Philippe Gelin, Gary Zhang, Antony Nguyen, Mohammed Fassih-Nia,
Chen Xiaocong, Qu Taotao, Hu Jun, Tony Sia, Jiao Feng, Mei ke
For additional information, contact
Lenore Tracey (lenore@modbus-
Jégu Joins Modbus-IDA
Board of Directors
Eric Jégu, Director Machines & Process Architectures & Marketing, Schneider
Electric, was elected to the Modbus-IDA Board of Directors following its Decem-
ber 13, 2005 meeting. Mr. Jégu has been with Schneider Electric since 1987. Before
working in his current position at Schneider, Jégu was director of the Schneider
Automotive Center in Europe. Jégu brings to the Board his extensive experience in
the European market as well as personal experience with hardware and software
design and commissioning of PLCs, HMI and networks in several automotive
industry projects.
Modbus-IDA President Ken Crater welcomes Jégu to the Board. He joins fellow
Board members, Serge Bassem (ACT’L), Fred Cohn (Schneider Electric), Komal
Mehta (Harting North America), James Moyne (University of Michigan), David
Skelton (Phoenix Contact), and Feng Xiaosheng (ITEI).
Modbus-IDA Board Member Eric Jégu
Modbus Products and Innovations
Endress+Hauser Certifies Proline
Series Devices
Last year,
Endress +Hauser
began the process of certifying devices from their
Proline flow meter product family for conformance to the Modbus over Serial
Line Specification. At this point, the company has certified the Proline Promag
53 and Promass 83.
The Proline family of flowmeters consists of robust, space-saving sensors for a wide variety of diameters, pressure ratings and
materials. The family offers a broad range of connection choices, including DIN, ANSI, JIS, AWWA, and AS. Versions are also
available for high-temperature and hygienic applications.
What can customers expect from Proline transmitters? An easily comprehensible display
for operation and for showing brief messages and measured values with backlighting (two-
line or four-line); multiplex mode for more information (up to six process variables and
status messages can be shown in parallel); and operation by pushbutton or “Touch Control”
(operation from outside, no need to open the housing, maximum safety in hazardous areas).
The devices’ Quick Setup menus make commissioning fast and easy. Quick Setups are
available for standard commissioning, metering pulsating flow, metering gas flow (Coriolis),
filling and dosing applications, and the Modbus RS485 communication.
All Proline flowmeters also feature continuous self-diagnosis during operation. If faults
occur they are classified clearly on the display.
Promag 53 Electromagnetic Flowmeter
The Promag 53 is one of Endress+Hauser’s electromagnetic flowmeters. These meters use a well
established technology – in use worldwide for over 50 years – and can be used to measure all
electrically conductive liquids (> 5 µS/cm) with or without solids, e.g. water, wastewater, sludge,
slurries, pastes, acids, alkalis, juices. The Promag 53 features a four-line, backlit display, “Touch
Control” operation, pulsating flow measurement capability, software upgrade options for filling,
dosing, and electrode cleaning.
Promag 53
The Proline product family’s
Quick Setup capability is
especially user-friendly.
Promass 83 Coriolis Flowmeter
The Promass 83 is one of the company’s Promass Coriolis mass flow measurement devices.
Virtually all fluids can be measured with this method, including cleaning agents and solvents,
fuels, vegetable oils, animal fats, latex, silicon oils, alcohol, toothpaste, vinegar, ketchup,
mayonnaise, gases, and liquefied gases.
And the ability to measure several process variables at the same time opens up completely new
application fields. Mass flow, density and temperature (the primary measured variables) can be
used to derive other variables such as volume flow, solid contents, concentrations, and complex
density functions.
Promass 83
Both the Promag 53 and the Promass 83 are available with following output combinations: Modbus RS485 only; Modbus RS485
with current and frequency output; Modbus RS 485 with two relays outputs.
For more information about Endress+Hauser’s Modbus-certified flowmeters, check out the company website,
Modbus Products and Innovations
Seekirk Annunciator A1700
Certified for Modbus over
Serial Line
Seekirk, Inc.
of Columbus, Ohio is a repeat supplier of annunciator products,
which provide site monitoring and alarming to a power generation utilities and a
growing list of industrial processors and plants. Since beginning operation under
the Seekirk name in 1982, the company has demonstrated steady growth in sales and
revenues, and is currently designated as the annunciator of choice by many
transformer, switchgear, and breaker manufacturers around the world.
The Seekirk model A1700 is a Modbus
slave window type annunciator offering
a wide range of configurations presented
to the user. The annunciator can
be selected to handle the Modbus data
interchange in either the RTU or
ASCII serial modes. The annunciator can
accept alarm inputs from either the
serial input as Modbus commands or from
hardwired alarm inputs via the rear
Seekirk A1700 Annunciator
panel terminals. The status of any alarm
condition can be read from the
annunciator by the Modbus master controller. The annunciator can be
configured to allow from one to four alarm points per window and with up to
256 alarm points per unit.
For more information, visit
List your company’s
Modbus compatible
products on the
Modbus-IDA website.
Access Point and
ACKSYS, the French designer and
manufacturer of telecommunications
solutions for industrial applications
offers the WL-ACCESS: Access Point
& Ethernet Bridge. The product is
compliant to IEEE 802.11b (2.4-GHz
wireless Ethernet) and makes it possible
to create the infrastructure of a wireless
network and to link any Ethernet
devices to this network.
The link is made safe by a WEP 64/
128-bit encryption key and has a
nominal range of 300 m (open space)
for an 11-Mbps binary rate. An auto-
fallback system automatically reduces
speed to 5.5 Mbps, 2 Mbps and 1 Mbps
for greater range and/or better signal
This device comes with omni directional
2dBi built-in antennas (standard
coverage). An external higher-gain
antenna can be connected instead for
long-distance communications (up to 20
Km) through a RSMA connector.
The WL-ACCESS features a 10/100
Ethernet RJ45 interface and LEDs to
monitor LAN/WLAN activity and
display the quality of the radio link to
get the best result while installing
The WL-ACCESS can be wall or Din
rail mounted. Thanks to the built-in web
Access Point and Bridge
interface, the setup of the device is
achieved with a standard web browser
installed on your computer (e.g.,
Internet Explorer, Netscape); no
additional software is required.
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