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Hannover Fair 2007 Special Issue
Modbus Is
Everywhere... at
Hannover Fair
Learn more about Modbus from Modbus-IDA and
member companies at Hannover Fair. With a focus on
Modbus in wireless applications, we are joined in the
Modbus-IDA booth (Hall 9, Stand A59) by member
Afcon Software & Electronics, Moxa
Schneider Electric,
with appearances
ACT’L, connectBlue,
Hirschmann Electronics.
You will also find many other Modbus-IDA members
exhibiting at the show. For your convenience, here are
locations of member companies in other halls throughout
the extensive fairgrounds:
Moxa Announces MGate
Family of Ethernet
Moxa Technologies Co., Ltd.
developed a new family of products to connect Fieldbus
devices to Ethernet. The first product is MB3000, the
Modbus gateway.
In addition to standard features such as multi-master and
multi-request capabilities, the
MB3000 series has the ability to
detect response timeouts
of the most difficult settings for
Modbus users to accommodate in configuring their devices.
Moxa predicts a savings of more than 70 percent of
configuration time because of this feature.
MGate Ethernet Gateways require only five steps for
configuration and come with multi-language support
including Chinese, English, German, Japanese, Russian, and
Spanish. A comprehensive troubleshooting and trace tool
assists with traffic analysis, and smart routing allows users to
expand nodes using a Moxa high-density gateway without
changing existing devices.
Priority control assures that emergency commands are
delivered in real time for time-sensitive applications.
Learn more about the MGate product family at
Schneider Electric:
Hall 11, Stand C29
A map of the fairgrounds can be found on the web at:
We look forward to sharing information about the
ubiquitous Modbus protocol, answering technical
questions, and telling you about our testing program,
developer’s toolkit, and membership.
See you at the fair!
Hall 9, Stand A66
Afcon Software and Electronics:
Hall 9, Stand A59
Hall 16, Stand E62
Hall 11, Stand B68
Hirschmann Electronics:
Hall 9, Stand F28
HMS Industrial Networks:
Hall 11, Stand E64
IMI Norgren:
Hall 13, Stand E60
MESCO Engineering:
Hall 11, Stand A41
Moxa Networking Company:
Hall 9, Stand C46
Phoenix Contact:
Hall 9, Stand G40
ProSoft Technology:
Hall 7, Stand A46
MGate MB3180
News about the World’s Most Popular Industrial Protocol
Organization News • Organization News
Meet Some of Our Members...
Odenberg Inc.
is an international
group with over thirty years experience
in the food processing industry. The
company has concentrated its research
and engineering resources on
developing and manufacturing special
types of equipment to meet the specific
requirements of the food industry.
Odenberg has operating facilities in
North America, Italy, Holland and
Ireland. Through its specialized
divisions, the group designs,
manufactures and markets peeling,
sorting and freezing and chilling
solutions for the food processing
The world’s only “total peeling system”
company, Odenberg has been involved
in the design of steam peeling for over
30 years. During that time the company
has supplied over 500 units worldwide.
By focusing on peeling as a process,
Odenberg has helped its customers
ensure long life and minimum
equipment maintenance. Visit
Odenberg’s website to learn more
about its expertise in other areas such as
sorting machines and solutions and
industrial blast freezing and chiller
is a world leader in data
acquisition, signal conditioning and data
communication products for industrial
applications. Worldwide, its products
provide rugged signal and data integrity
and wide spectrum accuracy.
As Dataforth is fond of pointing out,
faulty thousand-dollar data acquisition
systems can shut down billion-dollar
Dataforth’s isoLynx® SLX200 is a fast,
one of
systems integrator members. The
company provides a complete range
of product development services from
requirement specification to
prototyping in process automation,
factory automation, and building
MESCO develops various types of
products, including devices for
measuring physical units, industrial
communication devices, explosion-
proof devices, and Ethernet/Internet/
embedded webserver applications.
MESCO Engineering also offers its
Modbus-TCP Hardware Interface,
which implements the Ethernet
physical layer and data link layer in
accordance with the Ethernet II 802.3/
IEEE 802.2 standard.
The interface is capable of operating
with both 10Base-T and 100Base-TX
systems. It also provides a
microcontroller-based hardware
platform for implementing TCP/IP
and Modbus mapping on TCP/IP
protocols. The device is contained on a
double-sided printed circuit board
40 mm x 40 mm and can be used to
implement Modbus TCP or any
number of services built on TCP/IP
or Ethernet.
intelligent, fully isolated data acquisition
system providing reliability, accuracy,
and isolation for a wide range of
rugged industrial applications. It offers
flexibility of analog and digital I/O
selection for a broad range of factory
automation, process control, test and
measurement, machine control, and
data acquisition applications.
The isoLynx® SLX200 implements
standard Modbus RTU and Modbus
TCP protocols, enabling
communication with a wide variety of
third-party software drivers and HMI/
SCADA packages. The product has
been certified by Modbus-IDA.
Become a
see back cover for
Modbus-IDA Discussion Forums
Modbus TCP with PHP...
In November, Fabou3377 posted
this question:
I need to find a resource to interface
php with Modbus TCP. Does anybody
know of a resource?
Roy Yin suggested his own
I have a program called Modserver on
Linux (Fedora, Suse). It is very reliable.
The whole system structure:
Michael Griffin had an add-on
I had a look at your web site as I was
curious, and noticed your mention of
“XML Modbus protocol,” “XML
Modbus command,” and “XML
Modbus message.” Is this just your way
of describing an implementation of a
set of web services, or is there actually
some formal “XML Modbus”
standard that I haven’t heard of?
Roy Yin replied:
Modserver is a service program, just
like OPC server. To control a RTU, C,
PHP, or any script language connect to
Modserver by using TCP socket or
Unix Socket, and send XML format
command to Modserver. Modserver
parses the XML command, optimizes,
From the Modbus Discussion Forum…
creates a RTU acceptable Modbus
command, and sends to RTU. It will
format the response from RTU to
readable XML format, and send back.
To write 25.4 register 40179 on slave 15
<modbus tranid="1"
data="25.4" />
and response:
<modbus tranid="1" function="16"
data="" state="0" />
Michael Griffin also offered:
There are free Modbus TCP drivers
available. I will let others recommend
particular libraries, but you can perhaps
use the ones from pvbrowser (http:// or MAT (http://
In either case, you will end up with a C
library that you need to interface to
PHP. Below are some URLs which
show how to do this in the general case.
Yan Seiner suggested:
I’ve got a fairly generic Modbus library
written in C for linux at:
It’s GPL, so please read and understand
the benefits and restrictions that places
on the code use. I am working on a
TCP wrapper now. If anyone would
like to contribute, please feel free.
Mostly it needs testing and debugging.
Modbus Communication Time...
In March, Ric Carreras wrote to the
I need to know the total execution time
for a system using Modbus at 9600
Baud and four nodes. For each node I
am communicating with 3 diffent bits,
and 6 Data Registers.
Can you give me the execution time for
9600 and 19200 baud?
Jerry responded:
Each modbus RTU request would be 8
bytes. At 9600 baud this would take less
than 0.009 seconds. A 6-register
response would be 17 bytes and 0.018s.
Increasing the speed to 19200 baud
would cut the transmission times to
about half.
The time the slave takes to generate the
responses would be far greater than the
actual time to send it.
With a short delay between messages
(less than one second) I would expect
these short responses from 4 nodes to
take 5-10 seconds. The baud rate
wouldn’t make a noticeable difference.
Ask your question or help
out a fellow engineer on
the Modbus Discussion
Read Modbus-IDA President,
Fred Cohn’s article
Real Time, Determinism and
Reality in Plant Floor Control
in the Industrial Ethernet
Modbus Products and Innovations
Control Tech. Announces
BlueFusion™ 5300 Controller
added the Model
5300 to its Blue
Fusion™ line of
controllers. The Model 5300 features
the following enhancements:
Web-enabled features.
The Model
5300 supports CTC’s patented web
server technology. Users can monitor
and control process variables securely
over intranets or the Internet using a
standard web browser. Using CTC’s
webHMI software, customers can
create graphical HMI projects that can
be hosted on the 5300’s web server
giving any browser-based device
interactive HMI functionality.
Modular architecture.
The Model
5300 series lets users optimize the
controller configuration for each
application. Choose from multiple
CPUs and a wide array of I/O and
motion modules to build a system.
Ethernet QuickLink (EQL)
Remote I/O.
For applications that
require distributed I/O, the 5300
supports CTC’s EQL high-speed
remote I/O. EQL nodes can be
located up to 100 meters apart.
Rugged Industrial Design.
metal design makes the 5300 ideal for
harsh environments that experience
extreme operating temperatures,
shock, and vibration.
Industry Leading I/O density.
I/O modules are available in 4, 8, 16,
and 32 channel versions and feature
pluggable terminal blocks for direct
Dual CPU technology.
A second
CPU processor can be added for
increased performance or redundancy.
Removable Flash Disk.
CPUs can
be equipped with a Secure Digital
flash drive providing up to 2 GB of
storage for data-logging, large CT
webHMI projects, and system files.
Modbus Support
Blue Fusion controllers support the
Modbus protocol on the serial and
Ethernet ports. Designers can use
Modbus to connect Blue Fusion to
thousands of third party devices and
computer systems. The device supports
Master/Slave TCP and RTU, Master/
Slave Serial RTU/ASCII. The Model
5300 can also be used as a converter to
translate between different Modbus
Hirschmann Electronics
announced its new BAT54-Rail wireless
device. Because wireless solutions offer
such great flexibility, they can be used in
mixed mobile and fixed networks. The
BAT54-Rail is an
ideal solution
wherever users need
high bandwidth,
stable operation and
network security.
The BAT54-Rail is a
dualband access
point/access client
with WLAN ports
that support IEEE
802.11b/g and
IEEE 802.11a/h
Wireless Device
Windows- or web-
based configuration wizards speed up
and simplify installation and setup.
The hardware is built to withstand the
rigors of industrial applications and
offers redundancy, reliable data
transmission, excellent WLAN quality,
and network security based on
encryption and
a firewall.
Features include:
Rugged IP 40 metal case
Redundant power supply
Two high-speed dual wireless IEEE
802.11b/g and IEEE 802.11a/h
LAN ports
Redundant WLAN links for reliable
data transfer
Up to 108 MBPS per radio module
IEEE 802.11i high-security point-to-
point transmission
RS-232 serial port for configuration
and remote access
Faster roaming and prioritizing,
802.1 x authentication
TelNet interface and SNMP-based
For more information visit
Hirschmann’s web page:
Model 5300
Releases Modbus
OPC Server 4.2
is proud to announce
the release of the new MatrikonOPC
Server for Modbus Version 4.2. The
new release culminates four years of
testing, evaluating, and improving one
of the company’s most solidly
performing OPC Servers.
MatrikonOPC developers paid
tremendous attention to comments and
requests from users of the
MatrikonOPC Server. Upgrades to the
product responded to customer
requests such as improved performance
for bound checking. A sleek new
graphical interface completes the
on page 5)
Modbus Out & About
Matrikon Modbus
OPC Server 4.2
cont’d from page 4
Key Features of Version 4.2:
Get Your Ticket at
the Station...
Modbus-IDA will exhibit at ISA
EXPO 2007 in the show’s new Bus
Station. The pavilion is designed
exclusively for fieldbus organizations
Modbus Device
Directory Update
With almost 600 Modbus devices
listed, the Modbus-IDA Modbus
Device Directory is the place to go to
find the appropriate Modbus product
for almost any application.
Both Modbus serial and Modbus TCP
devices are included in the searchable
database. The device pages are the
third most popular pages visited on the
Modbus website (following downloads
from the Modbus protocol
specification pages).
Modbus-IDA plans to continue
growing the database to assist users in
locating devices. Directory listings
include easy-to-access technical
specifications and product photos and
descriptions. Potential users can easily
learn about their options and make
Check out the Modbus Device
Directory at
devices.php. To list a device, e-mail
Proven reliable OPC technology,
with customer-driven refinements
Modbus-to-OPC connectivity to all
Modbus-IDA compliant devices
Easily combines with other OPC
plug-and-play products, such as
calculation engines and data
Modbus at the Bus
October 2 - 4
Houston, Texas
and their members to display fieldbus
devices, and discuss innovations and
industry trends.
Modbus-IDA invites show vistors to
pick up a Modbus Ticket with a
schedule of presentations and stops at
member company booths.
Several prize drawings for iPods and
one grand prize drawing for a laptop
computer are planned as part
of the program. Come to the
Bus Station and visit the
Modbus-IDA booth and
member companies at the
Extremely small footprint on your
existing system architecture
Robust enough to be combined
with the MatrikonOPC Data
Calculator to form a virtual PLC
More information about MatrikonOPC
Server for Modbus (Plant Edition), as
well as a free download, can be found
on the MatrikonOPC website at
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on the Modbus-IDA Website
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