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Chapter 22
Four Eyed Owl Flender
Part 1
Tang San and Xiao Wu were both somewhat dazed, the expression in the pair’s eyes became extremely
strange. Although Tang San knew a lot about variant spirits, it was still the first time hearing about a
spirit like this. If this Fatty’s age was not much different from theirs, he should be just twelve years old.
It was shocking to believe a twelve year old youngster required finding women to not let his spirit
Dai Mubai went on:
“Therefore, this fellow will frequently burn with desire, without venting it, he would long ago have
died. Even though his spirit is very powerful, his burning lust is not so good for cultivation.”
Xiao Wu frowning said:
“But, he still can’t harm girls. That is the conduct of hoodlums.”
Ma Hongjun angrily said:
“What do you call harm, we naturally are mutually consenting, although I’m fat my appetite is a bit
powerful. But I have never before forced anyone, we both are mutually consenting, I can’t be a
Tang San looked towards Dai Mubai.
Dai Mubai nodded, saying:
“This really is so, Fatty never forces others. Just now that Miss Cui Hua also really was his girlfriend.”
Xiao Wu was shocked,
“Not forcing others? Then why are others asking to break up with him?”
Fatty’s face blushed, Dai Mubai’s expression also became awkward.
Dai Mubai coughed, embarrassed saying:
“Because, this fellow’s Evil Fire pressure repeats too much. To endure him three or four times every
day is not something an ordinary girl can accomplish. In the year since coming to the academy, he has
already changed several girlfriends, and every time without exception the end result is that they
dumped him. Were it not for his Spirit Master rank, perhaps finding girlfriends would be entirely too
strenuous. To mention, in that respect’s capability, maybe still truly without several people that can
compare to this Fatty. That Evil Fire Fowl nickname of his comes exactly from this.
Ma Hongjun snappily corrected:
“It’s Evil Fire Phoenix.”
Tang San dumbstruck said:
“Indeed worthy of being called ‘monster academy’. It unexpectedly even has this kind of variant
Xiao Wu with somewhat reddened face, lightly spit,
“Truly, there are all kinds of people.”
Ma Hongjun glared at Dai Mubia, saying:
“Must I be like you and little Ao, with girly faces, I can simultaneously date multiple girls, how about
that? No need to be humble, don’t think I don’t know how you arrange to meet with three different girls
in one day.”
Dai Mubai’s evil eyes glinted, somewhat hurriedly glancing behind him, lowering his voice, saying:
“Fatty, food can be eaten indiscriminately, but words can’t be said irresponsibly. Keep your voice
Ma Hongjun smiled darkly, saying:
“You are not as always not believing shame is opposite of honor? What was it today? Took the wrong
Dai Mubai glared at him,
“Less nonsense, some words cannot be said irresponsibly. Undermine my reputation again, and you
can’t blame me for being impolite.”
Tang San could not help but say:
“Ma Hongjun, since you don’t have a girlfriend right now, what will you do? Halt cultivation?”
Ma Hongjun shrugged, saying:
“What can I do? Living is more important, I’ll ask the dean to see what methods he has.”
Xiao Wu said:
“Where in the Academy is some place to eat, I’m starving to death.”
Dai Mubai said:
“Follow me.”
The four again returned within the Shrek Academy limits, Dai Mubai brought them to the Academy
dining hall.
The so called dining hall, in reality only was an agreement with this village, nothing more, they hired
several villagers to be in charge of everyone’s meals. Although the light breakfast was simple, it won
out in quantity, eating one’s fill was no problem.
When they reached the dining hall, Ning Rongrong and the ice cold young lady, Zhu Zhuqing, had
already arrived. Zhu Zhuqing looked apart from a somewhat pale complexion, apparently already
without anything unsettled.
Perhaps it was because of acting together yesterday, the two girls looked at Tang San and Xiao Wu,
both nodding at them. Zhu Zhuqing was still a bit cold, but Ning Rongrong’s expression clearly had an
intimate meaning, smiling face exposing two dimples, looking exceptionally pleasant.
Ma Hongjun’s eyes somewhat stared at the pair, not at all concealing a gulp.
Dai Mubai elbowed him once, saying in a low voice:
“You’re obvious, best suppress the Evil Fire.”
Ma Hongjun angrily said:
“Why? Do you have to start. I say, boss Dai, even if you are the boss, you nevertheless must leave your
younger brothers a little soup to drink.”
Dai Mubai again hit him once, furtively glancing at Zhu Zhuqing, Zhu Zhuqing apparently did not pay
any attention to their side, slowly eating breakfast, still with an ice cold expression.
Xiao Wu sat down near Ning Rongrong, with a low laugh speaking with her about something, from
Ning Rongrong looking at Ma Hongjun with a somewhat flabbergasted expression, Ma Hongjun knew
they were talking about him. He immediately sat down in despair, venting on the breakfast at the table.
Dai Mubai coughed, saying:
“Little Ao, this fellow is sleeping in. He’s always so idle. Besides little Ao, I see everyone is present,
from now on everyone must live and study together for a time, so let’s get to know each other. I’ll give
you introductions, this Fatty is our Academy’s other student, called Ma Hongjun, spirit is free-, eh, no,
On hearing the word Phoenix, Zhu Zhuqing raised her head, but was only glancing at Ma Hongjun,
that’s all, as her gaze flitted across Dai Mubai, it seemed to increase the chill even more.
Ma Hongjun said:
“That’s right, boss Dai, I heard one of the newly arrived students let teacher Zhao eat a big loss
yesterday, who was it?”
Dai Mubai said:
“You just now already crossed hands with him. However, you are lucky, to not recieve the same
treatment as teacher Zhao.”
Ma Hongjun somewhat unable to imagine it looked at Tang San,
“No way, although your spirit power is a bit stronger than mine, it did not seem too much higher, it
shouldn’t reach thirtieth rank. How is it possible for teacher Zhao to get the worst of it, he’s a seventy
sixth rank Spirit Sage, I don’t believe it.”
Part 2
Tang San with a slight smile said:
“It was only luck, that’s all.”
The strength was his own, he did not need to convince others of anything.
Dai Mubai introduced the four new students’ names and spirits to Ma Hongjun. As for Tang San’s true
strength he did not explain too much, merely hinting to Ma Hongjun that it was best not to provoke
Introductions complete, Dai Mubai went on:
“Everyone must hereafter live and cultivate together. Formal titles aren’t necessary. Including to you
four new arrivals, the Academy altogether just has seven students, that’s all. Little Ao and Fatty both
call me boss Dai because I’m a bit older than the both of them. You calling me Mubai is alright, with
Hongjun directly call him Fatty, Oscar that fellow, you can call him little Ao or maybe Big Sausage
Uncle will do. Tang San, can I call you little San from now on?”
Tang San nodded, indicating he had no objection. Regarding this Shrek Academy, although he still had
not had much contact, he already had some sense of belonging. Dai Mubai, Oscar, Ma Hongjun, these
three students each had their peculiarities but none provoked his dislike.
Not waiting for Oscar to speak himself, Ning Rongrong straightforward quickly said:
“Calling me Rongrong is alright. My close family and friends all call me like that.”
Her smiling expression always on her face, simple words, virtually pulled close the distance with
Xiao Wu’s address naturally need not change, and as Dai Mubai’s gaze turned to Zhu Zhuqing, Zhu
Zhuqing stood up,
“I’ve eaten my fill.”
Finished speaking, she turned and left for outside.
Ma Hongjun somewhat astonished said towards Dai Mubai:
“Boss Dai, aren’t you known as among women as not particularly unfavorable, and a reputed lady
killer? How is this newly arrived pretty girl not even willing to as much as look at you?”
Dai Mubai laughed wryly, shaking his head, and did not further explain.
Tang San said to Dai Mubai:
“Mubai, we all are newly arrived, give us an explanation on the Academy’s rules and classes.”
Dai Mubai managed to pull back his thoughts from Zhu Zhuqing, saying:
“The Academy doesn’t have any particular rules. Simply said, just don’t rape or pillage, but they
encourage fights and encourage gambling.”
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