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English Pronunciation Made Simple 

With a friendly writing style and abundant illustrations, Pronunciation Made Simple 
(formerly English Pronunciation for International Students) helps students understand 
and achieve the pronunciation patterns of native English speakers. Appropriate for both 
classroom use and self-study, this confidence-building text motivates students to practice 
their skills outside the classroom.
Pronunciation Made Simple includes separate sections on vowels, consonants, and stress, 
rhythm and intonation, breaking down the components of native-like pronunciation to assist 
students in grasping both pieces and patterns. 
Practical hints build confidence and help students use English spelling patterns as a guide 
to correct pronunciation.
Abundant mouth illustrations provide a clear path to better pronunciation.
A variety of listening, reading, and conversational activities offer comprehensive practice 
with sounds as they occur in words, common phrases, and sentences.
Free audio CD includes all the exercises in the Student Book, providing a model of correct 
pronunciation for each sound.
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