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The Diamond Sutra, composed in India in the fourth century CE,
is one of the most treasured works of Buddhist literature and is
the oldest existing printed book in the world. It is known as the
Diamond Sutra
because its teachings are said to be like
diamonds that cut away all dualistic thought, releasing one from
the attachment to objects and bringing one to the further shore
of enlightenment. The format of this important sutra is
presented as a conversation between the Buddha and one of his
The Sutra of Hui-neng,
also known as the
contains the autobiography of a pivotal figure in Zen
history and some of the most profound passages of Zen
literature. Hui-neng (638–713) was the sixth patriarch of Zen in
China, but is often regarded as the true father of the Zen
tradition. He was a poor, illiterate woodcutter who is said to have
attained enlightenment upon hearing a recitation of the Diamond
Together, these two scriptures present the central
teaching of the Zen Buddhist tradition and are essential reading
for all students of Buddhism.
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Cover art: The Sixth Patriarch Tearing Up a Sutra, by Liang K’ai (active first half of the 13
century), hanging scroll, ink on paper, 73 x 31.7 cm. Courtesy of Mitsui Bunko Foundation,
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The Library of Congress catalogues the previous edition of this book as follows:
The Diamond sutra and the Sutra of Hui Neng. Translated by A. F. Price and Wong Mou-lam.
With forewords by W
. Y. Evans-Wentz, J. Miller, and C. Humphreys.
The Sutra of Hui Neng is a translation of Liu tsu ta shih fa pao t’an ching includes
bibliographical references.
eISBN 978-0-8348-2609-0
ISBN 0-87773-005-9 (pbk., Dragon Edition)
ISBN 1-59030-137-4 (pbk., Shambhala Classics)
I. Hui-neng, 683–713. Liu tsu ta shih fa pao t’an ching. English. 1969. II. Price, A. E,
tr. III. Wong, Mou-lam, tr. IV. Title.
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