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JavaScript Basics

We're here to get you started with javascript! In the twenty plus years since its inception, javascript has become the lingua franca of the web, that's to say, it's become the main tool to create interactive content on the Internet. In this course, you'll explore the javascript programming language by creating an interactive version of your resume. You'll learn the javascript programming fundamentals you need while building new elements and sections to enhance your resume.

Why Take This Course?

Today, front-end developers work with web designers to create the interactive experiences that make the web the addictive playground we know and love. As the size and influence of the web have expanded, so has the importance of ensuring a website offers users an unforgettable experience.

Perhaps your end goal is to create a HTML5 game, code the front-end for an app idea you have, or maybe you want to use one of the growing set of libraries that let you compile code written in another language or for another platform down to javascript. With javascript, you can do all these things and more.

by Cameron Pittman, James Williams
Duration: ~6 hours


Lesson 1: Getting Up and Running
Learn about the tools we'll be using throughout the course and begin modifying web pages with a little bit of code.

Introduction of resume project
Components of the resume
Introduction to browser developer tools
Running commands on the console
Appending elements to the page

Lesson 2: Data Types
Dig deeper into javascript as we introduce you to the building blocks of the language as you write more complex code using variables and advanced data structures like JSON, Objects, and Arrays.

Evaluating values
Validating JSON

Lesson 3: Flow Control
Finish the resume while you learn how to make your code more modular and reusable by using conditional statements, loops, and functions.

Conditional statements
For and while loops

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